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BMV was founded in 1972 by technicians specialising in the construction of automatic sheet metal forming machines and equipment.


BMV is able to draw on approximately thirty years experience per partner with respect to specific applications in the mechanical press field, up to the present day each partner personally oversees an individual branch of the company's activity. This extensive experience, which ranges from our first transfer press up to the latest models (continuously operating at speeds of over 150 pieces per minute), was gained by working in collaboration with our Customers to produce a wide variety of articles.



The technical office is staffed by technicians who, since the inception, have been involved in the design and manufacture of automatic metal forming machines and equipment.
They are responsible for the whole production ranging from individual machines to completely automatic production lines.
Consequently, we can safely claim that BMV designed presses are the best because we know what metal forming is all about.
The end result for our customers is that their particular BMV installations are built with the SPECIFIC TASK and MAXIMUM MOULD LIFE in mind.


Technicians who have been involved in machine tool construction for decades are responsible for the production department.
The continuous personal contact with our customers is reflected in the innovative construction of our equipment.
Our presses are built as we would have them built were we to be the customer. This craftsmanship leads to maximum RELIABILITY and the utmost in practical SIMPLICITY.


The commercial office is run by technicians who are skilled in swiftly evaluating the real potential of new enquires and who have a sound knowledge of how cost savings may be effected.
These special qualities result in a time-saving interpretation of the customer's needs and a practical summary of the various alternatives open to him.
Our customers need merely to send BMV a drawing of the item to be produced, and BMV will take it from there, studying the entire production cycle all the way to the finished product.
BMV conducts each evaluation by examining all the relevant factors: Technical, Production, Economic, and Practical in order that the final solution will embody the best possible ratio between capital investment and production profit.
As a result, the majority of BMV installations are personalised products perfected case by case.
Naturally, once a particular press has been developed it goes into our manufacturing programme for series production, thus after many years activity, BMV currently boasts a wide spectrum of Transfer presses ranging from 20 to 1500 tons with from 4 to 24 stations.


In the majority of cases our company's international commercial organisation relies on direct contact between BMV technical sales personnel and our customers. This stems from two main reasons:
1. the prominently technical nature of the business relationship
2. the fact that we need to tailor market demand for our products to our production capabilities.


BMV after sales service is always handled personally by either of the partners. Due to the broad practical knowledge of maintenance requirements, our technical office provides easy to understand instruction manuals which enable the end user, in the majority of cases, to pin-point the area requiring service and carry out the maintenance job directly.

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